Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 2015

May 5th, I got into all the hives.  The two hives that I had put sugar water into last week were ready for a 2nd story.  I added that and put an assortment of frames.  Some black, some white, and some with a portion of beeswax cut and put into them with melted beeswax holding them in.

I also added sugar water to the top medium box I placed on the other hive last week.  They had not done anything in the top box yet, so I wanted to get them started filling it up.

May 23rd, I took all 3 of the big beehives to Timberlakes.  I put an extra box on each of them and sugar water on top.  I want to make sure they have enough food and they don't starve.

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